• Rania Body Wave Lace Frontal

    Color: 1B

    - Combing/ Brushing- When brushing or combing the extensions use a soft-bristled brush start at the bottom and slowly work your way up to avoid tangling; for deep wave and tight curl finger comb to detangle instead of using a brush or comb.

    - Co-Wash/ Deep Condition- In addition to co-wash/ deep condition prior to installing the extensions, wash your extensions a maximum of 4 times a month and minimum 1 time a month with moisturizing hair care products. Be sure to use lukewarm or cold water to prevent wave pattern from severely changing (curls will drop after initial wash). 

    *Excessive blow drying will likely cause heat damage; air dry if possible. If blow drying is necessary, use a low or cool setting.*

    - Styling/ Use of Product- Be extremely careful with the amount of products you use; heavy oils, gels, edge controls and serums may cause the hair to look weighed down if not applied properly. Heat protectant is recommended to combat heat damage while using heated appliances.

    - Chemicals- Chemicals such as perm, dye and bleach may cause split ends. If hair is permed or bleached excessively, it may cause slight tangling or shedding. 

    **To prevent shedding, tangling, and heat damage treat the hair like it is growing from your scalp!**


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