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Quality Test!!

September 19, 2016

Bleach, Burn, Curl!

The 3 Most Common Ways to Test Real Human Hair


When people buy hair extensions, they expect to receive real human hair; free of all synthetic fibers. No one wants to make a purchase only to realize they can not bleach, dye, or apply heat to the hair. So, how do we know that the companies that we buy extensions from are selling quality products? Do we make a purchase and test it for ourselves? Should we take the companies word for it? Maybe we should watch a Youtube review and trust our favorite "Hair Gurus" review and opinion. 


I know for a fact that I wouldn't prefer any of those methods. Here's why


1. Why should the consumer have to spend their money to hope for a quality product? Everyone who has ever taken the time to read the "Terms and Conditions" on any hair site knows that because hair is a hygienic product has a no return policy after installation. 


2. How many times have you bought "human hair" tried to dye or straighten it and realized the company falsely advertised the product? 


3. Some Youtube Hair Gurus get paid to review companies, with hopes of receiving endorsements. If the price is right, do you really think that Guru has a problem with lying? I've personally had issues with hair I've purchased that some of my favorite Gurus endorsed or recommended. 


So, what do we do now that we know the truth? At Royal Envy we decided to take the worry out of your next purchase. We've conducted Bleach,


Burn, and Curl test, so our customers know they are getting EXACTLY what they bought.



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Quality Test!!

September 19, 2016

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September 19, 2016